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Question : How do you register with Balu Asiaa money Tranfer?

Answer : Visit our nearest branch and fill up the registration form and provide your ID to register with Balu Asiaa.

Question: What are the valid ID proofs that I can use to register?

Answer: Valid identification documents include Passport, driving licence and utility bills. You should provide at least one photo ID.

Question: What is the transfer fee?

Answer:Transfer fee is fixed for all the amounts. For every transaction you will have to pay £ 5.

Question:How soon will my money reach its destination?

Answer: Your money will reach its destined receiver on the next business day if you provide the receiver’s details correctly

Question: How can I send money to Balu Asiaa’s bank account?

Answer: When you are not able to visit our branch to transfer money, you can fill up the money transfer form and send it via e-mail. Before this you should contact us and ask for our bank account. After sending the form, transfer the money and quote your reference number. After receiving the money and the form we will process the transaction and send the transaction number to you.

Question: What happens if I give the incorrect beneficiary details?

Answer: Whenever you transfer money through us we will insist you to double check all the details. If you provide wrong beneficiary details and the money has been delivered to wrong person, we will not be responsible for the loss. So please ensure that you have provided the correct details before we process the transaction.

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