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A customer cannot send money without becoming a registered user with Balu Asiaa Money Transfer. Registration methods:
Through the website.
Your account will be activated once you complete registration process, you can Login to your account and follow links and information on your account, But you are NOT AUTHORIZED to send money or process any payments until forwarding your verified documents, which are required by the law for completing the registration and KYC process.
If you register by calling us, our customer service representative will take all your information over the phone to activate your account.

In order to use the Service,
You must be a registered user of the website.
You must be an individual person at least 18 years of age and able to form legally binding contracts under applicable law.
You must have a postal mailing address and a valid and active e-mail address.
You must have a valid deposit account if you want to transfer funds to your wallet in your account with Balu Asiaa Money otherwise you should pay in from any Barclays branches in UK or recommended banks by Balu Asiaa in your country.

Your mailing address must match the billing address for your credit card; check card and /or deposit account (as applicable).
The Service will verify information provided to it and reserves the right to suspend your ability to use the Service if you do not satisfy these requirements.

Updating Your Records
You agree to promptly update your Service records if your e-mail addresses, phone number or other information changes.
You may update your records, such as your e-mail address, at the Service's "Edit Profile" pages within the web site when you log in.
You do not have the right to cancel a payment after you initiate the transaction.

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